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Wednesday 21 Feb 2024

on Sunday, 29 July 2012 18:52.


Children saddle up in a new partnership this summer. For the first time, the Wellness Centre is working with Cowboy Town to offer a special kind of therapy to some of its clients.

Cayman 27′s intern Kelly Smith went along for the ride and spills the details on what it’s all about.




on Friday, 06 July 2012 00:11.

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special?  Ask about the gift certificates we have available for horsemanship lessons and horse camp.


on Thursday, 05 July 2012 23:59.

A Summer playgroup for children with ASDS

Children with learning, behavioural or developmental challenges often struggle to develop the critical social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills necessary to become active participants in their community. By combining the proven effectiveness of ABA-based techniques and the
psychotherapeutic benefits of equine therapy, this unique summer playgroup will assist the children
in their efforts to develop, learn, and apply these critical skills successfully.


on Thursday, 05 July 2012 23:47.

Cayman 27 News Report on Therapeutic Horseback Riding at Cowboy Town Stables.